Release of Medical Records Solution


ROI+ is the newest, most advanced Release of Information (ROI) processing platform in the healthcare industry, bringing unprecedented workflow efficiency and compliance to fulfilling requests for PHI. ROI+ has established itself as “best of breed” when evaluated by both Healthcare Providers and Outsourcing Service Bureaus.

ROI+ Introduction Video by our CMO, Dr. Sam Harrison RIO Intro


Dual Processing Options

  • Enables you to either outsource all of your ROI fulfillments to a Service Bureau affiliate or use the ROI+ platform in-house to process all of your fulfillments yourself—or a combination

Same-Day, On-Site Request Fulfillments

  • Fulfills 98% of all requests within 24 hours
  • Eliminates the costly, time-consuming spoke-and-hub processing method used in the industry today
  • Requires no remote physical location for final (back-end) processing

Secure, Convenient Online PHI Delivery to Requestors

  • Delivers over 95% of all PHI via the ROI+ Requestor web portal
  • Notifies patients of request status via text messaging
  • Reduces the need for Requestor phone calls about request status
  • Receives a 5-star rating from our Requestor community
  • Relieves Requestors of managing large paper files and faxing documents

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

  • Eliminates cost of mailing, faxing, printing
  • Automatically bills the maximum amount allowable by law
  • Offers Requestors payment options, including online credit card payment
  • Creates the greatest revenue share participation opportunity for you

Upgraded Security and Compliance

  • Safeguards data through NIST standard encryption technologies; enterprise-class infrastructure; 3.5 security-level data centers that are HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant; SSAE 16 certification; and network failover redundancy
  • Is HIPAA-compliant, with integrated request review, secure PHI delivery, and disclosure logging
  • Provides instant, detailed, permanent audit record of viewing activity, which documents “chain of custody,” should a third party create a HIPAA breach or engage in other unlawful disclosure of PHI
  • Complies with Meaningful Use Phase 2 by enabling Patients to quickly and securely access their requested PHI electronically via the ROI+ Requestor web portal

Ability to Monitor and Improve Performance

  • Uses an advanced Digital Dashboard to display request status data, alert you to any processing issues, and analyze key fulfillment performance indicators
  • Generates standard and customized performance reports

Dedicated Customer Service

  • 24 x 7 toll-free client hotline
  • Technical support

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