NEW! Patient Text Alerts & Mobile Access to Disability Forms & Medical Records

"Unique-to-the-Industry" Patient Alert & Delivery System for Healthcare Providers
and Outsource Service Companies

Why did we develop this new feature?

  • Reduces your staff's time and effort to communicate with patients. This system uses secure automated text alerts and electronic delivery to reduce inbound/outbound communications with patients.
  • Uses patients' preferred method of delivery. Unsurprisingly, 85% of people in the US have a smartphone (the new "personal computer"). In fact, the smartphone is often their only "computer."
  • Uses patients' preferred method of communication. People overwhelmingly prefer to receive alerts by text and to access the internet via their smart device.
  • Increases patient satisfaction. Patients have expressed their gratitude for the text alerts and for being able to pay for and view their requested documents through the convenience of their smartphone—anytime, anywhere.
  • Uses the most flexible and convenient technology. Putting requested PHI (other than imaging) on a CD is actually a major impediment to the patient, as it requires access to a computer (with a CD drive).
  • Dispels myths about your patients. Patients are not "behind the times." Patients of all demographics have cell phones and text messaging, and they use our system successfully every day.


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