Medical Record Hosting Solution


Storing and accessing scanned medical records on an EMR/EHR system actually increases operating costs—specifically, the costs for disk storage and additional document management software modules. Placing legacy medical records in our MedXpress web repository is a cost-effective, space-saving alternative.


Saving Money

  • Less expensive than storing PHI on an EMR/EHR system.
  • Low monthly subscription rate, combined with a one-time on-boarding cost for each record that provides for a minimum of five years of online access.
  • No capital expenses, no license fees, no contracts, no maintenance fees. Free 24x7 support.
  • No commitment of limited, valuable staff resources--just an Internet browser.

Managing Content Easily and Quickly

  • Update patient files with a click of the mouse.
  • Insert new patient medical file information faster and more easily.
  • Search patient medical files using a fast multi-index query capability.
  • Move documents between digital folders easily, with all movement tracked in a detailed audit file.

Knowing Patient PHI is Secure and Compliant

  • Uses ABT’s patented Right2View security technology.
  • Is customized to your security structure; restricts log-ins to networks and PCs; and can reset new passwords periodically.
  • Creates digital passwords and tokens to control access to digital files.
  • Meets all HIPAA compliance requirements.

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