Disability Forms Tracking System


Clinics and practices handle a maze of Disability Forms for their patients, including FMLA, Short-Term Disability, and Long-Term Disability. D-Trak is a direct response to one of our Provider-clients, who asked us for a way to bring organization and automation to this critical, yet time-consuming patient service.


Automated Workflow

  • Creates patient invoices automatically
  • Texts patients automatically when Forms are ready
  • Sends Forms electronically

Easy Tracking in Forms Repository

  • Tracks completed Forms by patient and date
  • Keeps permanent Forms repository

Secure and Convenient Online Patient Access

  • Encourages online patient credit card payments
  • Lets patients view, save, or print completed Forms
  • Reduces the need to print large paper files
  • Reduces patient phone calls

Increased Revenue from Forms Fees

  • Provides easy tracking of payment status
  • Shows overdue items
  • Includes collections tools
  • Lets you monitor your revenue success

Ability to Monitor and Improve Performance

  • Uses a Digital Dashboard to provide Forms progress status and to alert you to any processing issues
  • Generates activity and revenue reports

Dedicated Customer Service

  • Personalized training
  • 24 x 7 toll-free client hotline
  • Technical support

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